Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heavy Snow

This morning at 3:15 Jared woke up to a huge crash outside. At first he thought someone might have crashed into our house, but once he saw it was snowing he knew right off that  it was a huge branch off our horrible trees out front. He was right. He came in and told me he figured out what the big sound was. I was completely asleep and didn't hear a thing (which I'm very surprised at!) so he woke me up when he told me this. My heart started to pound. I knew instantly what he was going to say. 3 years ago we had two big branches fall with heavy snow. One fell alongside my truck, breaking out my window and denting the door. And the other fell, hitting our house a foot and a half above our huge window. It scared me to death! Hunter, who was 2 and a half, was sitting in a chair right by this window. I bawled all morning that day. I was out front when that second branch fell, it was the loudest, most horrible sound and worst of all I didn't know where it would hit. I ran as fast as I could to get out of there. And then seeing where it hit, Hunter in that chair, and Jared not home that morning, was horrible!                                                                          I got up with Jared. Our power was out. We didn't know if the branch had hit our power lines or if the power was out everywhere. Jared went outside and saw the power was still connected to the house so I called the power company to report the power outage. Apparently the heavy snow had caused 25,000 people to be without power. At least it wasn't caused from the branch. The snow was extremely heavy and it was still snowing. Jared went back out and moved my truck out of the driveway and out back by the horses. Also he went around and shook off snow on trees he could reach. A huge branch in the driveway was almost touching the ground and, of course, the boys 4-wheeler was under it. Jared knocked off what he could. He wanted me to look out front at the huge branch that fell, but I couldn't. I was scared to death! And seeing stuff like that when it's dark makes it even worse. So we went back to bed, only I didn't go back to sleep. I couldn't. My anxiety levels were majorly high. I wanted to go back to sleep so bad. But all I could hear was silence with a big cracking sound breaking it every once in a while. That was the WORST sound ever! Followed by waiting in silence to hear where the branch was going to fall, praying it wasn't on the house or into our big windows out front. I tried sleeping while plugging my ears, but that didn't work. My fingers eventually would go to sleep. Then I'd hear another loud crack and my heart would pound like crazy. Jared slept though. This doesn't scare him like it does me. Finally at 6:15 I got up. It was just starting to get light outside. I braved myself and looked out our bedroom window. The area I could see was covered with big branches. I went in the bathroom and looked out the back window. My favorite apple tree had also broke. Sad! That was the coolest tree for pictures! But at least it had stopped snowing, and I could hear tiny drops falling meaning the snow was beginning to melt. Thank goodness!! The power was still out though. I went back in and Jared woke up. I told him what I saw and that I haven't been back to sleep. He helped me to relax some so I tried again and fell asleep around 6:45ish. I woke up at 9:30. The power had just come on. We all got up, including the boys, and checked out the damage. Four big branches had fallen in our front yard. Luckily what had hit the house didn't do major damage. It cracked a small part of one window, and it broke part of the eave on the corner of the house where the power was connected. It knocked the power line loose so we need the power company to come out tomorrow, but at least we had power. We couldn't walk out the front door at all. Our whole front yard was full of these huge branches. One branch fell by our dog "Tuffy's" house, and then the apple tree out back. But our lilac bushes bent over pretty good so here's hoping their ok. We'll work on the yard tomorrow getting everything cleaned up. We need to get those horrible junk trees out. I think we are in a few weeks. Hopefully the snow's done for the year. But we're in Utah, so it will probably snow again.
The big branch that hit the house.

Where one broke from. These Elm trees are HORRIBLE!

The big branch that luckily didn't break and crash their 4-wheeler.
Had to throw this in. Our cute puppies trying to make their way through 5 inches of this wet yucky snow. They didn't like it too much.

My poor apple tree. I love this thing! This is the second big branch that has fallen in just a few months. Guess it's time to take it out completely.

Cody and Hunter checking out the snow.

Our poor lilac bush. It split right in half and just hung over. Even when the snow got knocked off, it still hung pretty good.
Where the branch hit the eave and broke. The power is just barely hanging on. So thankful it didn't do more damage!

The bottom corner of the window cracked. It's hard to tell in this picture.

Our front yard.
So thankful it wasn't worse and that everyone was ok!

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