Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here's some of my favorite signs I found around the yard that show spring is FINALLY here!!

I love when the leaves start popping out!

I love when the lilac bushes start blooming again. It won't be long before I'm smelling that perfumed air all around our yard from our dozen lilac bushes. Can't wait!

I loved when the snow would melt and I could see my wagon wheels completely again. But I'm sad to report that those lovely tree branches that fell a couple weeks ago hit this and broke it. I need to find a new one. I love my wagon wheel.

I love the tiny purple flowers that grow in the field behind us. Makes it look so pretty. Reminds me of where I grew up and also going to Aunt Mame's every easter for the Holt family party. She had the funnest farm ever!

My bulbs are starting to bloom which means they will only be out there for everyone to see maybe a couple of days before my boys attack them. I let them pick as many tulips and daffodils 3 years ago so they could bring them in and show me when I was stuck in the house nonstop with a blown knee. Now they can't get enough of picking them. Good thing I love them so much.

Did I mention I love when the leaves pop out? I love this tree against this wood fence. Makes for some awesome pictures here! And I can't wait for these leaves to turn their pretty bright yellow in the fall. Makes for some even cooler pictures! (Yes, I'm already planning for fall. My favorite!)

I love when it's time for us to get the garden ready for planting. Jared's digging up horse poop to till in.  T.J. and his friend Brodie helped. Their payment... a trip to Maverick for some gas for their 4-wheeler and a drink.

Cody loves helping Jared in the garden. That's the little farmer in him.

Because this spring has been so wet we've got to let this dry out a couple days before we till. We've had so much rain we're late getting our peas in this year. Hopefully we get it in soon. Peas are one of my favorites to grow!!

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  1. this cracks me up!!! I love that we both get to blog when our kids finally go to bed. Love your post!!! It's stinkin cold here I am jelous. I made Spencer buy me some daffodils to feel like it's spring. Lisa