Monday, April 25, 2011

Lemonade Stand

I know every parent says this about their kids, but I have to say that I have the cutest kids ever! They crack me up with all their little adventures they come up with. One of their favorite things to do with their best friends - the Kent's -  is a lemonade stand. They've done this with them the last few years. If we let them, they'd have a lemonade stand every weekend. But they know it would loose the cuteness so they'd also loose customers. I guess it's a good lesson in patience, right?! (It's hard being a kid sometimes, isn't it!)
First they hung up signs on the road advertising. This is on a pole out front of our yard.

Aren't they just cute?! They made signs to hold up as well. Hunter turned his upright for the picture. They were having him hold it upside down because it looked cuter and more people would stop. They know how to work it! Plus, when people would stop, Brodie would tell them he was doing it to earn money for the sick (It took everything I had not to laugh at this!).                                                                                                Don't they look so official. The Kent's have a cute little lemonade stand and Tobie let them use her glass pitcher. Plus, she made the yummiest lemonade, too!

It cracked me up watching these kids as a car drove past. Hunter was usually in the road dancing and all the kids were smiling and waiving.

See.... Hunter is in the road! Sometimes he was almost in the middle. Stinker!

He's so dang cute!

Curb side service!!! Cause it's my sister-in-law Cherie... hehe.

They did so good!!! They made $45 dollars to split between them!!!! T.J. and Brodie felt so big doing this. The next day they walked down to Maverick and bought themselves lunch with it.

Had to put this movie clip in. I love how excited they get when that car comes, then watching them as it drives past. I love these kids!!

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  1. $45 that's crazy!! Deffinately some good money makers you've got on your hands